Coffee Fellows wins Hamburg Foodservice Prize

Coffee Fellows, a family-run company, is awarded the Hamburg Foodservice Prize in 2019 for successful implementation and clever market design.

It is considered one of the most important awards in the Gastronomy sector: The Hamburger Foodservice Prize. This year, Coffee Fellows has been named the glorious winner in the national category. As the gastronomy trade fair Internorga kicks off in Hamburg, Coffee Fellows founder and managing director Dr. Stefan Tewes and his wife Kathrin received the trophy.

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Foodservice AuszeichnungShining winners in the category “national”: Stefan and Kathrin Tewes at the ceremony in the Grand Elysée Hamburg[/caption]

Quelle: Foodservice, Thomas Fedra

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Hamburger Foodservice_Preis 2019The winners of the Hamburger Foodservice Prize 2019

Quelle: Foodservice, Thomas Fedra

All about Coffee Fellows

As a German family-owned business, Coffee Fellows is characterized in particular by strong growth and continuous innovative development of its concepts. Something that started 20 years ago in Munich as a single coffee shop is now known as an international franchise concept. As a self-proclaimed “noble intern”, Stefan supported his wife in the daily business of their first coffee shop on the Leopoldstraße in Munich. However, the former hockey world champion already knew at the age of 16 that he would one day be self-employed. Today, the couple runs over 240 Coffee Fellows-stores with the help of their partners throughout Europe. The expansion of the coffee shops at the German fuel & rest facilities was particularly important for the strong growth. In addition to a coffee shop in Prague, Coffee Fellows opened the first café on the island of Mallorca in 2018. However, lovers of coffee should also be able to enjoy the taste of Coffee Fellows specialities far beyond the European market in the coming years.

When it comes to expansion, Coffee Fellows always takes a more unusual approach. Since 2018, the first Coffee Fellows Hotel in Dortmund with 65 rooms above the corresponding coffee shop has been ready for the night. The result was a clever fusion of coffee shop and hotel: “We ensure that space is optimally used at all times of the day,” says Tewes. The opening of further hotels is already being planned for the future.

Another innovative concept is the development of food courts. Coffee Fellows works together with several partners on large areas that are too large for the individual catering concept. As the owner and landlord, Coffee Fellows uses the areas in a varied and optimal way. The selection always includes young gastronomies that focus on healthy, sustainable and alternative eating habits. We can already reveal that much: One of the first Street Food Market concepts developed by Coffee Fellows will be created at the Puma Outlet in Herzogenaurach in spring 2020.

The laudation and acceptance speech

Laudation and acceptance speech by Coffee Fellows founder Dr. Stefan Tewes

The entrepreneurial couple Stefan and Kathrin are particularly grateful to the many partners who operate and revitalize the Coffee Fellows concept as tenants or franchisees. “Without the support of our partners, we wouldn’t be where we are today. As a family-owned business, the relationship with the shop operators is very important to us and we are grateful for the great commitment that every partner provides every day,” says Kathrin Tewes.