Does Coffee wake you?

What’s actually in the bean?

First of all, coffee!” Without a cup of black gold, the majority of the German population doesn’t even open their email in the morning. With an average of 4 cups a day per person, coffee is considered the most popular drink in Germany – no wonder, after all “nothing works without it”. We wanted to know what’s really behind the theory of the bean as a wake-up-call, so we got smart and will let you in on the secret of caffeine.

When we are tired, the molecule adenosine is formed in our nerve cells. Adenosine is located at the corresponding receptors in the central nervous system. In these receptors, the molecule prevents the release of invigorating neurotransmitters and makes us feel like we want to go straight back to bed!

Caffeine Effect

What has coffee got to do with it? The alkaloid caffeine contained in coffee overwhelms the adenosine. It has a similar structure to the fatiguing adenosine, sits cheekily on its receptors of nerve cells and thus “blocks” all attachment points that would actually have been reserved for the adenosine. The adenosine no longer has the possibility to unfold its sleep-inducing effect and on the other hand the tiredness is blown away.

In addition, other effects of caffeine also favour the stimulating influence of coffee: By blocking adenosine, the body’s own stimulants dopamine and glutamic acid work better, which for example increases our heart rate and stimulates the nerves.

Side effects Caffeine

As pleasant as the overwhelming effect of adenosine by caffeine for a period of about 5 hours may seem to us – as soon as the effect of the pick-me-up wears off, more adenosine is produced in the organism, which lets us dream about our bed again.

Our body cannot be tricked so easily in the long run and gets used to the many cappuccinos, latte macchiatis and espressi. As a reaction to the large amount of caffeine, it forms further receptors, at which adenosine also finds its place.

Coffee: pick-me-up or tired-maker?

We state: Coffee cheers you up, but it unfolds its waking effect best when drunk once in a while. occasionally. The next time you try one of our delicious coffee specialties, you’ll know who’s tricking who in your body, additionally you’ll be able to show off your new biology skills.