Fresh energy to bite into!

What bagel guy are you? Salmon, Fitness or Crunchy Chicken?

Bagel art at its finest.

You have the choice: feast your way through our assortment and find your personal favourite bagel in our daily freshly stocked showcase. Whether Chicken Curry-, Egg- or Turkey-Bagel, we cover every preference.

If you wish, we can also prepare your personal combination of bagel and topping individually and before your eyes. Just speak to our baristas.

Vegetarian and vegan bagels at Coffee Fellows

Coffee Fellows has something for everyone. With a large selection of vegetarian bagels such as our Fitness-, Mozzarella- or Swiss-Bagel, even the small hunger of our vegetarian guests is satisfied. Our vegan avocado bagel with hummus is a real Coffee Fellows classic and not only popular with vegans.