Fresh energy to bite into!

What bagel guy are you? Salmon, Fitness or Crunchy Chicken?

Coffee Fellows prepares your individual bagel.

You may select: up to twelve different bagels, from poppy, sesame, pumpkin and wholemeal up to cheese-oregano, can be combined  according to your taste with our varied toppings. Our bagels are freshly toasted and topped before your eyes after your order. On placing an order, our bagels get toasted and filled in front of you.

We do not offer pre-fabricated snacks that have been lying in the display case for hours or even days. We attach the greatest importance to the freshness and quality of all our products as well as the individual wishes of our guests.

Vegetarian and vegan bagels at Coffee Fellows

Coffee Fellows has something for everyone. With a large selection of vegetarian bagels such as our Fitness-, Mozzarella- or Swiss-Bagel, even the small hunger of our vegetarian guests is satisfied. Our vegan avocado bagel with hummus is a real Coffee Fellows classic and not only popular with vegans.