Chai Tea

Chai Tea

Soothing, healthy & delicious

Enjoy the refreshing Coffeee Fellows Chai Tea with our exclusive in-house Chai Tea blend.

This unique blend was selected and put together especially for you on a trip to india by the Coffee Fellows Founder and one of her Indian friends.

This unique, authentic blend forms the basis of all Coffee Fellows Chai Tea products. Solid, flavoursome Assam tea gets brewed up with a mixture of traditional spices, such as cardamom, ginger, cloves, aniseed, nutmeg and honey, and then refined with warm milk.


Chai Tea, with its origin in India, is a beverage several centuries old. Its soothing effect is based on traditional medicine, according to which every medicinal plant has an individual influence on body and soul of the human being. The tea not only stimulates without excitement, it is even ascribed cancer preventive qualities. The most important ingredient, ginger, is a herb and cure-all at the same time. It strengthens the immune system and stimulates appetite and digestion. Cloves increase your resistance, too, especially in winter time. This makes our Coffeee Fellows Chai Tea, cup for cup, a tasteful wellness package.