Winter Specials

Winter Specials

Which one’s your favorite?

Winter drinks at Coffee Fellows – Didn’t we all prefer to sit at our Grandma’s kitchen table with a hot chocolate and homemade cheesecake in winter? Snuggle up in our cozy armchairs and get those unique moments back!

While it slowly but surely gets more uncomfortable outside, we warm you up with our new winter specials from the inside. So we dream outselves deeply into the snowy Black Forest with the Black Forest Kiss and bring a trendy purple color blob into the grey season with our Blueberry Cheeseshake.

Treat yourself to a short trip to Coffee Fellows “Winter Wonderland” with a latte macchiato refined with gingerbread syrup and marshmallows or enjoy a boost of vitamins with our popular  Lemon Ginger Booster.

Make winter special with Coffee Fellows!