Recycling Coffee Grounds

The power of Coffee

There are many different ways of enjoying a warm cup of coffee. Whether at home at the breakfast table or “to go” on the way to work. The daily cup of coffee has found its place in our everyday routines. Before enjoying our lovable drink, the exotic bean has come a long way for us. Adding up about 140 liters, one regular cup of coffee has an immense water footprint. Behind an ordinary cup of coffee there is a water footprint of about 140 litres. As a result of this, it is even more important not throwing away the coffee grounds directly after brewing, but to use them cleverly. Using coffe grounds efficiently and demonstrating purposes they can be used for, will be done in the following.

Coffee as fertilizer

Connecting plants like hydrangeas, geraniums, fuchsias or rhododendrons with coffee is probably not often done. For all hobby gardeners and lovers of coffee, this is your lucky day. As these plants thrive best on acid soil. The unimpressive remains of your coffee break are full of valuable nutrients such as potassium, phosphorus, magnesium and even nitrogen. The last-named ensures a slightly acid pH-value. Upgrading your balcony, house or garden plants without the use of artificial chemicals. Simply mix the coffee grounds under the flower soil or sprinkle them directly in your garden. By the way, earthworms tend to feel great in powdered coffee and decompose your compost very efficiently.

Coffee as pesticide

Working in the garden we often have uninvited guests like ants or nudibranchs. They invade your precious flowerbed and stop short of nothing. This is where our coffee grounds get involved. To defend your harvest it helps to simply sprinkle the dried coffee grounds around the endangered plants. Caffeine acts like a nerve poison, for snails, which stimulates the production of mucus and can even end deadly for the animals at a high dosage. Hopefully avoiding having a taste of our salad.

Enjoying breakfast on the balcony or terrace can often be very annoying in late summer. Your peaceful morning meal is interrupted by a hungry little animal: the wasp. But coffee wouldn’t be coffee if it didn’t also work wonders in this situation. The smell of lit coffee grounds drives the striped intruder crazy. Simply place a fireproof container on or next to the table and light the coffee grounds in it. Not having to share your jam bread anymore!

Coffee as air freshener

Anyone who has ever been to a perfumery has already experienced the odour-neutralising qualities of coffee. Ahead testing a new scent, it is recommended to put your nose in a coffee bean jar to neutralize the previous fragrance.

Of course, we can also make use of this quality in everyday life. The trash bin is smelly, the cheese has a lovely scent or the hiking boots spread their full aroma after a long tour?

Calm down – coffee will help! Whether in a yoghurt cup with holes or in nylon stockings, coffee powder expels unpleasant aromas and developed to a real air freshener. A possibility to avoid unpleasant odours from the very beginning is to place coffee grounds at the bottom of the trash can.

Coffee as a beauty product

“Good and affordable” sums up the qualities of coffee when it comes to “beauty”. Even in this segment coffee truly turns out to be black gold.

Coffee for your hair

The following coffee beauty tipps won’t only be interesting for women, but also for men. Although nothing has been scientifically proven yet, many shampoo producers have been advertising the hair growth-enhancing effect of caffeine for years. A money-saving alternative to an expensive caffeine shampoo is quickly made with the help of coffee grounds and conditioner. Simply massage the self-made shampoo into the hair and it will stimulate the blood circulation of your scalp. The coffee ingredients can also lead to hair strengthening, preventing hair loss and brittle tips and can even have a colour-intensifying effect. Therefore this type of hair treatment is only recommended for brown-haired or black-haired individuals.

Coffee against dark circles

After a short night, coffee can be used as a multifunctional tool to fight tiredness. The caffeine not only weakens our our deepest desire to crawl straight back to bed, it can also make dark eye bags disappear. The tannins contained in coffee ensure that the cells narrow and water is released. In addition, caffeine contracts the blood vessels and soothes the swelling. It is as simple as it seems: Just put some cold coffee grounds under your eyes and sleep another ten minutes before removing the mass with lukewarm water.

Coffee for the skin

At the top of a woman’s  worst enemies when it comes to beauty: cellulite. The orange peel skin is an annoying sight, which is why no expense is spared for expensive creams. However, as an inexpensive household treatment, a simple peeling can be made from coffee grounds and olive oil and applied to the relevant areas in circular movements. Coffee tightens the skin, drains the skin and the grainy coffee grounds remove dead skin cells. We think: One can try it! 😉