Coffee Break with Jo Halbig

Stop for an Emotion

While some people spend their whole lives searching for this, others find their destiny already in their childhood days: Jo Halbig started his career as front singer and guitarist of the killer mushrooms while still at school. The central theme of destiny also fulfills a central role in the songs of the killer mushrooms, through which they want to inspire people to follow their dreams. Even though their music has meanwhile disappeared from mainstream radio, the group of three still produces pop, alternative and German rock. In addition, the former teen star is moderator, author and organizer of the Donauside Festival, which takes place the third time this year.

One might wonder where Jo still finds time in his schedule for creative and inspiring moments to recharge his batteries in between. Jo invited us to the Killerpilze-Studio, where we got a little insight into his work and his inspirational process. An important aspect for the musician is that the matter he handles also serves a purpose. In order to discover these purposes, Jo intentionally involves breaks in his everyday life. His personal Stop for an Emotion moments he experiences while reading. Whether in the subway or at the Isar, the musician takes his little breathers and refueling pauses in books, which always inspire him with new thoughts.

We thank Jo for the exciting impressions and remain inspired!

So, what is your Stop for an Emotion Moment? 

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