Coffee Break with Ola Klöckner

Stop for an Emotion

“That’s how it developed, nobody said stop and suddenly we had the finished bottles in our hands.” (Ola Klöckner, founder of Matcha You)

In 2016, the first Matcha You lemonades were sold, today many cafés, bars and kiosks would be inconceivable without them – including Coffee Fellows. Matcha You was founded by Ola Klöckner and her school friend Franziska Schetter. The inspiration of this product came from Franzis incompatibility of artificial energy drinks and the search for a natural alternative. The philosophy behind the green trend drink carries the thought: “Listen to your heart and go your own way away from pure “functioning” within society.

A brand is only as exciting as the personalities behind it. We were curious and wanted to know where and how Ola finds her personal stop for emotion moments in which she can listen to her heart. We were allowed to accompany Ola for a few hours while meditating in the Rosengarten in Munich and got a glimpse of her Liquid Matter office. Clearly, Ola finds her inner peace especially in nature and is able to express what lies deep inside her.

We thank Ola very much for these deep insights into her thoughts and have a Matcha You on it!

And what is your stop for emotion moment?

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