Coffee Break with Zsa Zsa Inci Bürkle

Stop for an Emotion

Being able to see the world from a different angle is what makes acting so fascinating for Zsa Zsa. With less than 10 years Zsa Zsa had her first big appearance in front of the camera in the children’s series “Die Wilden Hühner”. Following several appearances in the well-known medical series “Doctor’s Diary”, wherein Zsa Zsa embodied the teeny version of Gretchen Haase. Those who didn’t know Zsa Zsa until then got to know her in 2018 in the two-part ARD drama “Gladbeck” in the role of a hostage.

In her roles, Zsa Zsa Inci Bürkle was already able to become familiar with the minds of many personalities. However, the young actress is convinced that not only she as an actress has a great interest in understanding other people and points of view. Zsa Zsa is convinced that people are generally more empathetic and interested than they are estimated. As an actress, Zsa Zsa travels a lot and basically she feels like any of us: time flies by quickly everyday. We were interested to see how Zsa Zsa inserts her little stop for an emotion moment. We accompanied Zsa Zsa for a couple of hours doing yoga and walking through the city and got insights into her personal Stop for an Emotion Recipe. This is to enjoy not just a few moments, but every moment and always be aware of the moments.

Thank you Zsa Zsa for the exciting interview and enjoy the Moment!

And what is your personal Stop for an Emotion Moment?

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