Coffee Fellows relies on home compostable coffee to go cups

The sustainable revolution on the to-go market

Plastic-free coffee experience “to-go”: Starting in April 2019, we will introduce our 100% home compostable cups without plastic layer. This makes Coffee Fellows the proud pioneer among coffee house chains. Coffee Fellows will start with the cold drink cups to convert to the summer range. The hot drink variant will follow in July. With a predicted plastic saving of 21.5 tons per year, we can offer our guests their coffee without a guilty conscience!

Watch your cup return to nature

The problem of the conventional coffee-to-go cups is well known. After a coffee enjoyment “on the hop”, which usually lasts just 2 minutes, the cup ends up in the bin. Due to their plastic surface, the cups are not recyclable and therefore usually end up as residual waste in the incinerator. In addition, around 22,000 tons of crude oil per year are required for the interior coating of the cups in Germany alone.

Together with our long-term supplier, we have therefore developed an innovative cup alternative using 100% paper. The cups are home compostable. Coffee lovers can literally watch their To-Go cups decompose in their own organic waste or compost. Under temperature conditions of 20-30°C the cup decomposes completely within 26 weeks. Differences in quality in the taste of our coffee are of course not to be afraid of. Of course, the majority of the cups do not end up on the compost at home, but are disposed in the city on the way. The fact that the cup is without a plastic layer, however, guarantees a much more environmentally friendly disposal than the conventional one-way cup.

Step by step to a plastic-free coffee shop

But the cup alone is not enough. For a greener future, we are completely repositioning ourselves by summer 2019 in terms of our packaging material. About 9400 tons of polysterol are needed in Germany per year for the production of the corresponding plastic lids to go. This is more than six times as much as for the cups themselves. We have therefore also replaced our to-go lids and converted them to a sustainable fibre form variant. This is obtained from non-recyclable bamboo, sugar cane, wood and paper residues.

The plastic straws will also disappear from all coffee shops and be replaced by an organic eco-variant. Instead of plastic cutlery “to go” we will give our guests more sustainable wooden cutlery. The napkins are made from 100% recycled paper. Our Clear Cup cups for summer drinks are now completely removed from our assortment and replaced by the home compostable cup variant.

In total, we can replace around 44 tons of conventional oil-based plastic and bioplastics annually with more sustainable and easier disposable materials.

100% plastic-free is good, 100% garbage-free is better

As the largest coffee shop chain in Germany, we take our responsibility very seriously to contribute our part to a plastic-free future. But we also want to motivate our guests to avoid waste right from the start. A home compostable cup is a small revolution on the To-Go market, but it would be even better not to produce any one-way waste at all. In the future, we will therefore no longer place our straws on the service counter as usual, instead we will only hand them out on request. Secondly, we refund coffee drinkers 25 cents “on the go” for their drink in their own reusable cups. It is irrelevant whether the Mug was purchased directly from us or from another supplier.

Coffee2Stay instead of Coffee2Go

Sustainability has many facets. The ecological aspect is by far the most deeply anchored in our heads. Not only companies, but also individual consumers increasingly feel obliged to contribute to a greener future.

However, as a coffee house, the social sustainability aspect is also close to our hearts. We would like to revive the basic idea of taking more time for a cup of coffee and experiencing the little moments of pleasure more consciously. Not only for the sake of the environment, but also for your own sake. Thus, the large mountains of rubbish from coffee-to-go cups are also the result of a society that hurries from A to B and “doesn’t even find time for a cup of coffee”. True to our philosophy Stop for an Emotion, we not only want to sell our guests a coffee, but also give them a little break from the stress of everyday life.