Fresh energy to bite into!

Coffee Fellows serves you the bagel you want!

You may select: up to ten different bagels, from poppy, sesame, pumpkin and wholemeal up to oregano-Parmesan, can be combined with our premier spreads and market-fresh vegetables, entirely to your taste. On placing an order, our bagels get toasted and filled in front of you.

We do not offer pre-fabricated snacks that have been lying in the display case for hours or even days. We attach the greatest importance to the quality of all our products. Our spreads are produced by a Bavarian delicatessen according to our recipe guidelines. Whenever possible, fresh cheese, cheese, meat, and vegetables come from the regions around.

Besides our classical products, Hot Bagels have extended our selection since 2011. Four delicious variants warm up your stomach: the spicy Crunchy Chicken Bagel with a crusty breadcrumb coating, the Royal Mango Chicken with delicious mango chutney and fine chicken filets, the Sicilian Bagel with barbecued vegetables for vegetarians and vegans and, for real meat lovers, the Bagel Burger – classical with beef, onion, tomato, and salad.