Coffee Classics

Coffee Classics

Coffee Fellows Blend

Coffee Fellows uses unique and select combinations in their Espresso and Americano-bean-blends.


The spicy blend of India Parchment Robusta, Monsooned India Arabica, Brasil Santos and Mexico Robusta Lavado gives our Coffee Fellows Espresso the specially noble richness. Long lasting tastes of nuts, chocolate and tropical woods are characteristic of our Coffee Fellows Blend. The Crema presents itself in marbled hazelnut brown.


The aromatic high-quality blend of Mexico Altura, Salvador Arabica beans and mild Brasil Santos beans give the Coffee Fellows Americano a balanced, finished flavour. Characteristic of our Americano are the sparkling acidity and a fine, chocolate-like flavour with a fruity touch. The Crema presents itself in soft colours of tropical wood.

The high quality of the beans is ensured by our coffee roasting machine. Only select specialties from highland plantations get processed for Coffee Fellows. Our roasting machine provides the Coffeee Fellows Blend in a sophisticated blending procedure. The beans get roasted with great care In a traditional long-term roasting process so that the ingredients get preserved. At the same time, the acid content of the Coffee Fellows Blend is very little so that the coffee gets very tasty.

Our Service

Not only the maintenance & care, but also the operation of our strainer device and the adjustment of our coffee grinder require special knowledge. Not everybody working with us is allowed to make coffee! It requires special training to make the consumption of coffee perfect.

Our baristas:

  1. know all recipes (total of over 100 variants) by heart
  2. are able to froth milk perfectly
  3. make a small, nice work of art out of every coffee drink
  4. are fast and experienced
  5. make coffee with great care and
  6. give a smile to every guest.

All coffee drinks may be refined with your favourite flavour. As a matter of fact, our syrups are produced solely with natural flavours and colours.

If you wish, your coffee gets prepared with soya or lactose-free milk.