Working with Coffee Fellows

Fascinate our guests with your coffee-making skills. Work in an atmosphere that is characterised by happy coffee drinkers. 
Develop in a team where humanity, fun and passion rank first. Create a perspective in Germany’s biggest coffee shop chain. Feel at Home!

We have the right lid for every pot: 
Find the workplace with Coffee Fellows that is optimally tailored to your professional aims and your individual living conditions. 
Maybe there is even a suitable position for you in our hotel.

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Working with Coffee Fellows – as individually as you are!

We are looking for

Coffee specialists
and those who would like to become specialists. As a Coffee Fellows barista we will extensively train you all about coffee. As an expert with a very special coffee know-how you impress our guests and provide them with a delicious coffein boost.
Ambitious heaven strikers
who climb mountains for their career. The many success stories of our staff speak for themselves: With a lot of passion and commitment you work your way up at Coffee Fellows from a barista to a franchise partner. On your way we will always stand by with advice and action.
Every-day heroes
who produce coffee and baby porridge simultaneously. Children expressly desired! Warm family people are a real asset for our cafés. With our flexible part-time models, we will surely find a common solution to reconcile your family and job.
who feel great among coffee aunts. Behind you is a longer break from professional life, and you are now looking for new challenges in a family atmosphere? We enable you a smooth start back to professional life at your own pace. Don’t be shy and apply now. We look forward to you.
First, second and eight term students
who want to earn some money besides their studies. You are looking for a chance to earn some extra money besides your studies? But you are travelling a lot and very busy in the examination phases? We offer you flexible working hours based on your rhythm.
Unique personalities
who make Coffee Fellows even more colourful. We appreciate the diversity of our staff and offer you a respectful work environment independent of your origin, religion, sexuality, your age or sex. Be yourself and make work with Coffee Fellows through your uniqueness even more exciting!

That is how you apply – step by step behind the coffee bar

1. Apply in a simple and uncomplicated manner
With Coffee Fellows the human is the centre of attention, we would like to get YOU to know as a person and as a future family member. A personal interview tells us more than any CV and any cover letter. Coffee Fellows allows you to apply for one of our job ads in a simple and uncomplicated way – per online form.
2. Getting to know and trial work
Allow your contact about a week to reply to your application. The shop leader will contact you and possibly arrange a date for an individual get-to-know interview and trial work with you. Here you get the chance of once sniffing into it and getting an idea of your future workplace.
3. Welcome!
You like working at our coffee machine, feel well and the chemistry between you and your future team is right? Then we are glad to welcome you to our Coffee Fellows family at once.

Jobs at Coffee Fellows

Coffee is more than just a bean for you? Is it the black gold that lets your heart beat faster? 
Its preparation a mix of hot passion and genuine milk foam acrobatics? 
Then it is exactly YOU who are our king of coffee. 

Your core tasks:
As a Coffee Fellows barista, every day you create for our guests real coffee artworks and 
top the most delicious bagels of the town. Your friendly and committed demeanor 
actively supports our dedicated family team.   

Lovingly prepared coffee specialties, hearty bagels and a Feel at home ambience: 
As a successful, owner-managed family business headquartered in Munich and more than 230 locations, 
Coffee Fellows offers you the perfect feel-good place and an attractive work place 
to share your coffee passion with us and the guests.

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Your shifts are more than espresso, milk and foam? You create the perfect mix of coffee enjoyment 
and feel-good atmosphere both for your guests and for your team?
Then it is exactly YOU who is our shift leader of success.

Your core work:
As a Coffee Fellows shift leader you take full responsibility for your shift. With your reliable and 
confident manner you ensure that everything runs smoothly during your shift. Administrative work 
is part of your daily business, as is the motivation of your team. 

 Lovingly prepared coffee specialties, hearty bagels and a feel-at-home ambience: As a young. expanding 
coffee shop business based on the American model with 230 shops, Coffee Fellows offers you the perfect 
feel-good place and an attractive work place to share your coffee passion with us and the guests.

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Coffee is for you more than a coffein-kick and you love everything about the black gold? 
You find bagles and typically American cakes and sweets cool? As a passionate host you impress 
through your reliability and your confident appearance? Then it is exactly YOU who is the crown of our team.

Your core work: 
As a shop leader with Coffee Fellows you take full responsibility for a location and ensure a smooth process 
in our Coffee Fellows shop. You think and act in an entrepreneurial manner and prove every day again your 
organisational talent. You burst with motivation and lead your team to top performance.     

 Lovingly prepared coffee specialties, hearty bagels and a feel-at-home ambience: As a young, expanding 
coffee shop business based on the American model, with 230 shops, Coffee Fellows offer you the perfect 
feel-good place and an attractive work place to share your coffee passion with us and the guests.

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You are a Coffee Fellows fan and have often asked yourself what it would be like to work for that brand? 
The brains and makers behind the concept are located in the headquarters in Unterföhrung near Munich. 
There we supervise different areas of responsibility of the franchise system. That is why again and again 
we look for colleagues who bring passion for coffee and support our partners all over Europe.

Our Areas

Area Management

Finance / Accounting



Purchase / Logistics


Quality Management

Our Facets

German family business with flat hierarchies

 Short decision-making process

Liberty for independent and responsible working

Feel-at-home atmosphere in modern offices

Sustainable management

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